Dinnerware Cutleries

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Eye-catching and luxury set that you will definitely enjoy! Turn an ordinary dinner into a real gourmet event by setting the table with a beautiful dining set consisting of knife, dinner spoon, fork and dessert spoon made from 304 stainless steel material. With such cutlery, you will definitely want to cook something unusual so that your family and guests can enjoy an elegant dinner party. Cutlery is made using the mirror polishing technology, smooth surface is easy to clean. Thickening and long handle design. Comfortable feel. Suitable for various meetings. Restaurant, camping, picnic, party, kitchen, and home. 

Great as a gift for the loved one.


Elements: Knife, Dinner Spoon, Fork, Dessert Spoon

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Size: Knife - 22cm x 1.5cm

         Dinner spoon - 21.5cm x 5cm

         Fork - 22cm x 2.5cm

         Dessert spoon - 13cm x 3cm

Package Includes: 1 lot (4 PCS)

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