Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser

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An Essential Aroma Oil Diffuseris a great way to humidify the air in the room and also fill the space with the pleasant smell of your favorite aroma oil. With the help of this humidifier you will relax and get the maximum benefit for the body, and the luxurious appearance of this humidifier will bring you aesthetic pleasure.

Product: USB Portable humidifier
Water capacity: 500 ml
Size: 11.8*11.8*11.8cm
Colour: Dark wood grain, light wood grain
Power: 2W
Voltage: 5V
Spray power: 30-40ml/h
How to use it:
1.   Open the top cover counterclockwise
2. Add clear water
3. Connect USB Power Supply
4. single click switch, open the spray mode.
Products include:
1. Humidifier*1
2. USB Data Line*1
3. Instructions for Use*1

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