High Temperature Spice Oil And Vinegar Bottle

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 A handmade bottle of glass is a great and unusual gift. Thanks to its shape, the bottle can hold two liquids at the same time without mixing with each other. Also, the bottle has high functionality so it can withstand liquid storage at a temperature of 150 °.



Name: Gass Seasoning bottle/ drinks bottle

 Material: Borosilicate glass


 FH-920P:9.5cm * 6.5cm * 11cm ;75ML & 350ML

 FH-921P:10cm * 6.5cm * 17cm ;50ML & 305ML

 FH-922P:10cm * 6cm * 13CM;70ML & 375ML

 FH-923P:13cm * 6cm * 17.5cm ;55ML & 325ML

Weight: about 130 g~150 g

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