Honeycomb Lace Cami Neon Pink

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Honeycomb Lace Cami Neon Pink

Honeycomb lace from escante lingerie line. Sleek and smooth set with the full-back panty perfectly fits for the neon-color lovers and those who love to get the full-color life's palette.  Color neon pink. Materials nylon and spandex.

Ladies size S.

Sizes 2 to 6.

Cups A/B.

Bust 32in to 34in.

Waist 24in to 26in.

Hips 34in to 36in.

Weight 90 pounds to 120 pounds.                                                                    

Ladies size L.

Sizes 10 to 14.

Cups C/D.

Bust 36in to 38in.

Waist 28in to 32in.

Hips 38in to 40in.

Weight 140 pounds to 160 pounds.

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