Stainless Steel Rainbow Colorful Cutlery Set

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Color your life with bright colors with this cutlery set! May life be filled with rainbow colors even in everyday life. 

6 steak knives, 6 dining forks, 6 tablespoons, and 6 teaspoons. Excellent replacement of your dinner utensil set or service dinnerware set. Perfect for daily use, family gathering, party, camping, restaurant, hotel, wedding and more.  



- 6x Steak Knives

- 6x Dining Forks

- 6x Table Spoons

- 6x Tea Spoons

Weight and Size:

- Knife, 0.21lb, 9.2in

- Fork: 0.1lb, 7.9in

- Spoon: 0.12lb, 7.9in

- Tea Spoon, 0.06lb, 5.7in

- Color: Rainbow multicolor


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