Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Night Lamp

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The light of your dreams for comfort and beauty at home.


Brand: Mijia (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)

Item: Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Smart Night Light

Materia: PE

APP: Mijia APP (Over Android 4.4 / IOS 8.0 Versions)

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.2

Sensor Angle & Distance: 120°, 5-7m

Color Temperature: 2700k

Rated Power: 0.3w

Rated Voltage: 4.5V

Rated Current: 60mA

Battery 3 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

Battery Life: Over 10 months

Weight: 150g

Size: 88 x 34mm

Something very cool for your home! Comfort, good lighting, functionality, and practicality are provided to you. This is not just a lamp; it is a smart home system. Check out the main benefits of the lamp:

1. Rich intelligent linkage. Built-in light and infrared dual sensors, through other Bluetooth gateway-enabled devices, such as Mijia bedside lamp, Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock, Mijia ceiling lamp, Xiaomi Mijia smart camera.

 2. Intelligent light control induction, ultra-low power consumption. Preset 4 big scenes to customize your home life. Through the intelligent setting of Mijia APP, the time of custom lighting is adjusted, and the brightness is easily adjusted.

Whether it is an elderly person with slow movement or an infant who needs to care for both eyes, they can have their own special night light.

3. Large sensing range and sensing distance. 120° large-angle sensing range with a sensing distance of 5-7 meters. Using advanced photosensitive sensing technology and human body infrared sensing technology, it automatically turns on under dim light conditions to meet your various light needs.

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