Wireless Charger 20W Max

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This wireless charger features comfortable silicone texture, which not only increases the friction but also has the shock absorption effect, ensuring stable charging and preventing the phone from falling. 20W wireless charger supports Qi 10W EPP charging protocol, protocol authentication, and can also achieve 10W fast charging when charging other mobile phones that support this protocol. The dual cooling system can effectively reduce the temperature rise during the wireless charging process and improve the charging efficiency.


Input voltage: DC12V.

Input current: max 1.35A.

Output voltage: 12V .  

Output current: 800mA.

Input voltage ( max, fast charge ): 20V.

Input current ( max, fast charge ): max 1.35A.

Output voltage ( max, fast charging ): 15V.    

Output current ( max, fast charging ): 1.33mA.

Compatibility: mobile devices that meet the Qi wireless charging standard.

Material: PC.

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